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Crave Ice Creams and Beer Trading In Your Summer Guide

While we have no idea whose big idea it was to schedule bikini season during one of the best eating and drinking portions of the year, we can assume that they're evil.

Summer is the season for BBQ and popsicles; for buckets of popcorn at all-night movies; for flipping burgers pool-side while swiggin' back brewskies. Just take a look at the Summer Guide, your official source for all the Summer guilty pleasure Mr. Bikini Seasons wants you to abstain from.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Crave Ice Cream:

"The base," says Dufresne, is the key to making the best ice cream, and it consists of essential ingredients like milk, sugar, cream, and egg yolks. If you're into cutting corners (and labor costs), you buy your base as you would a bread mix: ready-made and likely filled with high-fructose corn syrup and other undesirables. If you're Dufresne, you use only the natural stuff, spending hours in a delicate dance, heating and mixing the ingredients to achieve the ultimate ice cream infrastructure...full story

Zach Fowle on Trading Beer:

At this moment, about 60 different bottles of beer from all corners of the country crowd every square inch of space. Twenty-two-ounce bombers of IPA from California mingle with 750 milliliter bottles of cherry ale from Wisconsin, while stouts from Michigan and märzens from Pennsylvania fill the gaps between. It's a diverse, noisy crowd -- I'm met with the musical clink of glass-on-glass each time I open the door.

The stack of boxes and bags of packing material in the closet will let you know where they came from. Beer geeks like myself lovingly pack 20-pound boxes of brew and send them across the country to replenish my supply. The bottles constantly rotate, but the fridge never empties. My guilty pleasure? Trading beer...full story

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