Crudo Debuts $20 Three-Course Chef's Choice Dinner For Summer

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If you haven't yet treated yourself to an evening at Crudo, chef Cullen Campbell's relocated comfortable and contemporary restaurant of raw seafood, handmade pasta dishes, and killer drinks by cocktail artist and sommelier, Micah Olson (Merc Bar) -- or just need another excuse to pop in -- here's a tasty bit of incentive:

From 5 to 10 p.m., every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, starting tonight, Tuesday, July 10th, through Wednesday, September 26th, diners can score a three-course chef's choice dinner for just $20.

And for those who like surprises, you'll like what Campbell's got in mind.

What's on the menu for Campbell's three-course chef's dinners? In a phrase: whatever he thinks might be best. Which is a good thing considering the courses may include raw yellowtail prepared in the spirit of Tuscany, his popular squid ink risotto, or dishes incorporating homemade mozzarella, local produce, and fresh herbs.

Reservations are required for Crudo's $20 chef's choice dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. To make them, call 602-358-8666 or send an email to nfo@crudoaz.com.

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