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Cullen Campbell Dishes on the Food Network Star That Pumped Him Up and His Favorite Local Dishes

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What's your guilty pleasure?: Foie Gras.

The great thing about being a chef is: Creativity.

The tough thing about being a chef is: The long hours.

The most fun you've ever had in the kitchen was when: Before we officially opened our current space, we held a Repeal Day Dinner here. I moved in an oven that day and had NO kitchen. It was bare bones. Just before I had to really start cooking, we discovered the oven was not just electric but gas as well. I pulled a MacGuyver and cooked 3 courses on a mini Weber and a small Fry Daddy. What a night!

If our cooking and eating habits explain our culture, what do our cooking/eating habits say about us now?: I think Phoenix is becoming a place to dine. Our community is getting behind our local chefs, who are using some unique ingredients. Our culture is becoming educated about food and wine and putting us on the map.

The most embarrassing thing I ever did as a chef: Not seasoning properly.

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