Battle of the Dishes

Cupcake War: A Special Holiday Edition Battle

When bakeries started selling decorated cupcakes at three bucks a pop, I thought the fad would fall faster than an overbaked soufflé. I was wrong. Call it the Starbucks effect, but years later people are still willing to shell out thirty bucks for a dozen cupcakes they could make at home for $2.50. 

For this week's special edition Battle of the Dishes, we picked up two holiday cupcake offerings at local bakeries and did a blind taste test with our dining pal. In the spirit of Secret Santa, we'll tell you all about the bakeries and the cupcakes, but we won't reveal who they are until a winner is declared. Let's play!

Bakery A
Cupcake: Gingerbread Stout
Cost: $2

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Wynter Holden
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