Cupcakes in Real Egg Shells: Is There Anything Cupcakes Can't Do?

Cursed cupcakes! Easter is barely over and we find your moist, sweet, whimsical essence hiding cleverly in a real egg shell. DAMN YOUR SMUG DELICIOUSNESS!

No. Wait. That's not true. We love you, cupcakes. And we think hiding yourself in an eggshell is pretty amazing. We just want to be a part of your world. A world where, unlike Easter, cupcakes are always in season -- DAMN YOUR LUSCIOUS LONGEVITY!

Wanna see how it's done? Make your own? Find out how after the jump.

Who's the cupcake in an egg shell creator? None other than the Cupcake Project, of course.

See how it's done, snag the recipe, and get grandma's reaction when cracking one open here.

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