Curry Corner in Tempe Is Set to Expand This Week

When it comes to Indo-Pak cuisine in the Phoenix metro area, it really doesn't get much better than Tempe's Curry Corner. The small, 30-35 person capacity restaurant fills up quickly during peak hours, especially after getting national attention on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. While we don't think of this little slice of Indian heaven as any of those three things, we completely understand why this spot was a must stop for the television food dude. With all of that love, owner Farah Khalid says the restaurant is about to get a lot bigger in the next week.

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Khalid says the restaurant is in the process of taking over the space next door to the restaurant on its east side. Although the glass doors have thick, black curtains covering them on the inside, you can definitely tell something is going on in there.

Though the owner and chef didn't have an exact date set for the expansion, within the next week Khalid says she expects the spot to expand by an additional 50-60 seats, more than doubling the restaurant's current capacity. That means there will be a lot more space for you to get your favorite makhani and achari curries, as well as the sizzling mixed grill plates, even during the spot's busiest times.

Khalid says, simply, "This is a small place for us. We just need a bigger space."

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