Daniel Boulud's His and Hers Cocktail & Amuse-Bouche Cookbooks

Famed French chef/restauranteur Daniel Boulud has a new cookbook set available later this month titled Daniel Boulud Cocktails & Amuse-Bouches, For Her & For Him. We're a little dismayed at the gender separation with the recipes in these books because they all look equally delicious with nice photographs and simple to follow recipes -- we just might not have all the high end glassware or fancy ice molds to recreate them exactly at home.

See the video recipe for a White Cosmo from well-known mixologist (with and swoon-worthy accent) after the jump...

It seems that the cocktails are the doing of head bartender/mixologist at Daniel in NYC Xavier Herit, and the amuse bouche part is all Boulud's. Either way, it's a pretty duo that your fancy friends might enjoy having as a coffee table book that might sit close to the bar for some cocktail hour inspiration.

Or you could just cover the books with old paper grocery bags (like you used to do in high school), forget that the gimmick might actually offend some people and bookmark your favorites for fast reference.

Here's one cocktail, a White Cosmo that is featured in the "for her" section of the book. We would like to see that orchid ice ball in a lowball, renamed the "Metro Blanco," and featured in the "for him" book too, just so anyone can taste it without feeling weird.

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