Battle of the Dishes

Date Shake Throw Down: Joe's Farm Grill vs. Black Sphinx Ranch

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In This Corner: Joe's Farm Grill Joe's Farms Grill reminds us to live off the land, sourcing many of its ingredients from the Agritopia farms next door. Stacked on the same tray as your farm burger, you can bet that the fresh strawberry, real vanilla bean, and Agritopia medjool date shakes get the same treatment.

The Good: The base of the shake is soft serve, so it goes down smooth without ever separating. It's never too sweet, and tastes like vanilla for a couple sips until you encounter some of the sweeter flakes of date sprinkled throughout, which only get stronger as you go but never clog the straw.

The Bad: Though a date shake can get too sweet too fast, this one could use a bit more date. Someone unfamiliar with the date flavor could think, at least until they get to the chunks at the bottom, that they were served merely a unique vanilla bean shake.

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Shelby Moore