Heart Attack Grill spokesman John Alleman in his memorial video.
Heart Attack Grill spokesman John Alleman in his memorial video.
Screen Cap: Heart Attack Grill/Facebook

Death of Another Heart Attack Salesman

Two years ago, the morbidly obese spokesman for Heart Attack Grill, Blair River, died of pneumonia, likely complicated by his extreme weight. Late last week, the current spokesman for that temple of excess was removed from life support after suffering a massive heart attack.

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Jon Alleman was 52 at the time of his death in Las Vegas, and the Heart Attack Grill will close in observance of his passing when his funeral is scheduled. The Heart Attack Grill closed its Chandler location shortly after River's passing and its single remaining location is located in Las Vegas.

From the

Heart Attack Grill announcement:

For the past 18 months, if you happen to walk by the Heart Attack Grill, you were probably approached by our new spokesman John Alleman. So colorful was John's sales pitch that we placed him on the cover of our menu. He was so popular with the customers that last summer we gave him his own "Patient John" clothing line on our website. John truly loved HAG and would spend hours every day getting the word out to anyone who would listen.

We are sad to say that John, at only 52, had a massive heart attack and is on life support in the cardiac unit at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

John had never been married and has no children. He was preceded in death by his mother and father. He is survived solely by his brother and roommate Paul Alleman, who made the humane decision to discontinue John's life support on Monday, Feb 11.

For a great person like John to just fade away into the night without funeral attendance would truly be an injustice to his wonderful life. For that reason, the Heart Attack Grill shall close in observance of John's funeral once the exact date is determined.

John was a fun, spirited man who valued laughter above all else. He was loved deeply and will be missed.


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