Delicious Morning at Daily Dose

Just look at that bacon.

The thick, crispy, slabs o' fried fatty pork at Daily Dose were so, so good. Bacon doesn't get much better, nor does the start to any day. One bite in, I was a happy customer, and after a taste of the coffee -- rich, strong, straight-to-the-brain caffeine -- I started to perk up.

Buttermilk pancakes were hot and fluffy, and quite good. The potatoes weren't nearly as interesting. I've always had an issue with Daily Dose's breakfast potatoes, as they're usually on the dry side, but other items have been good enough to lure me back.

This egg white wrap was a tasty, savory bite, a burst of protein with scrambled egg whites, red pepper, spinach, and mushrooms in a chipotle tortilla. A side of fruit (with lots of pineapple) made up for those so-so potatoes.

​It's the perfect time of year to enjoy breakfast on this patio -- grab one of the umbrella tables and watch the world go by as you fuel up on a second cup of joe.

The restaurant opens at 7 a.m.


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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig