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Dine Out for Life on April 24 and Help Fight HIV and AIDS

The annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser will take place this week on Thursday, April 24. On that day, dozens of local restaurants have pledged to donate anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent of their proceeds to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. The money raised from diners on Thursday will go toward the ongoing campaign of education, health, and wellness services in our area.

Participating restaurants include Cibo Pizzeria, Bliss ReBar, Mi Patio, and Rancho Pinot, all of which will donate half of their proceeds to the cause. Both Barrio Cafe and MacAlpine's Restaurant & Soda Fountain will be donating 100 percent of their proceeds for the event. For more participating restaurants, read on.

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Participating restaurants include:

  • Alexis' Grill (50 percent, dinner)
  • Astor House (25 percent, lunch)
  • The Bar on Central (50 percent, late night/bar)
  • Barrio Cafe (100 percent, lunch)
  • Bliss ReBar (50 percent, dinner)
  • BLT Steak at Camelback Inn (25 percent, dinner)
  • Christo's Ristorante (50 percent, dinner)
  • Cibo Pizzeria (50 percent, dinner)
  • FEZ Restaurant & Bar (50 percent, dinner)
  • HULA's Modern Tiki Phoenix and Scottdale (25 percent, lunch/dinner)
  • MacAlpine's Restaurant & Soda Fountain (100 percent, lunch/dinner)
  • The Market by Jennifer's in Arcadia (25 percent, any meal)
  • Mi Patio (50 percent, lunch/dinner)
  • Over Easy Arcadia (25 percent, breakfast)
  • PizzaPeoplePub (50 percent, dinner)
  • Porkopolis (25 percent, lunch/dinner)
  • Rancho Pinot Grill (50 percent, dinner)
  • Red Thai (25 percent, dinner)
  • Rita's Kitchen at Camelback Inn (25 percent, dinner)
  • Sochu House (50 percent, lunch/dinner)
  • Switch Restaurant & Wine Bar (50 percent, dinner)
  • Tuck Shop (25 percent, dinner)
  • Vovomeena (25 percent, breakfast/brunch/lunch)
  • Wild Thaiger (50 percent, dinner)

The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS is a nonprofit research and resource center. It's the largest "clinical trial, education, behavioral health and nutrition support center dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS in the Southwestern United States."

You can view the complete list of restaurants participating in Dining Out For Life -- as well as what percentage they'll be donating and during what meals -- on the Dining Out For Life website.

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