Dine4AZ Offers Restaurant Discounts With No Catch

A while ago I blogged about Groupon, the cool website that has daily discounts on everything from dinner at The Dhaba to trapeze lessons to yoga. The downside, as discovered after a friend purchased a "$40 of food for $20" Groupon special, is that you have to use your entire Groupon at one sitting. With The Dhaba's very reasonable pricing, it takes a LOT of food for a party of two to get to a $40 bill.

Last week I spotted a huge billboard for Dine4AZ.com, a discount website that could work better for small parties. The Shamrock Foods-sponsored Dine4AZ campaign was started last year to encourage locals to dine out as a way to bolster the Phoenix economy. 

The theory is that by eating out, your money helps support not only the restaurant, but the local produce, meat and supply vendors they purchase from. Cool deal, right? Here's one of their yummy-looking promo videos, for Babbo's Italian Eatery.

The site is pretty self-explanatory. Just plug in a zip code and Dine4AZ will spit back printable online coupons for restaurants in that area. Or sign up using your e-mail address and the coupons will be delivered to your inbox.

Digging around the site, I found a few "Buy 1, get 1" entrees, several 15-25% off your whole bill coupons, and a free sandwich at Bite Me Subs in Tempe. Tip: This site includes a lot of (ugh!) national chains and fast food, so be prepared to wade through two pages of Burger King and Taco Bell listings before you'll find that indie gem.

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