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Direct-to-Dorm Cupcakes: Honey Moon Sweets' Devilish Care Packages

Reminding your Sun Devil to actually focus on schoolwork always goes over better, and with a higher success rate, when cupcakes are in the equation. And brownies and bars never hurt a please-call-your-parents-we're-worried-you're-dead attempt either.

Honey Moon Sweets is helping out loving ASU parents with its new "We Love You" care packages. The mom-and-pop shop will happily schedule four sweet deliveries to show up at your student's dorm or apartment at moments they're likely to need them most: move-in, midterms, the second-half-of-the-semester-stretch and finals.

Shortly after settling in to their new digs (August 23), students will receive 17 home-style cookies with a promise of a coin-operated-laundry-free semester in the "You Can Still Do Your Laundry Here Because I Love You" package.

A six-pack of strawberry vanilla, hot fudge sundae and "Sun Devil's Food Cake" cupcakes arrives during midterms (Oct. 1), right about the time your kid's probably pulling all-nighters to catch up on the 10 chapters he missed while using his saved change to play quarters.

In early November (Nov. 4) students are asked, "Have You Called Home Lately?" Perhaps brownies, blondies, lemon and apple caramel bars will persuade them to do so.

A sweet reminder of "Hit The Books Baked Goods" shows up at exam time (Dec. 9) - fueling the study marathon with six caffeine-, sugar- and Vitamin C-packed cupcakes.

ASU Parents (or other loving relatives) can send all four for $85 or pick and choose for $24 each. Order online at or by phone at 480-517-9520.

Apparently the thoughtful plateful of smashed and stale homemade cookies mailed from home doesn't quite cut it these days. Or ASU students with non-care-package-sending parents - cough, thanks a lot mom, cough - just hit a sugar jackpot.

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Hannah E Williams