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Distrito Kicks Off Fourth of July with Barbacoa Tasting Dinner and Prix Fixe Menu

Slow-cooked meats went fast at Chef Jose Garces' Distrito Barbacoa Tasting Dinner Thursday night.

The dinner, which was led by Chef Michael Fiorello, Culinary Director for the Garces' Restaurant Group, served as both a barbacoa how-to as well as a preview for the restaurant's upcoming prix fixe dinner menu.

Chef Fiorello, who also serves as Chef Garces' Iron Chef wingman, discussed the juicy essentials of barbacoa cooking.

Check out the full slideshow of Distrito's Barbacoa Tasting Dinner.

From dry and wet rubs to smoking vs. grilling vs. sous vide, a hungry audience took in Jose Garces' signature style of barbecued meats -- traditional American barbecue techniques in authentic Mexican barbecue flavors and sauces.

The prix fixe dinner menu aims to give patrons the chance to sample a wide range of Distrito's extensive barbacoa menu. For a limited time only, July 4-7, Saguaro guests and the general public can enjoy the following prix fixe menu options at $45 dollars per person.

First Course: Chilango Chopped Salad, Shrimp Ceviche

Second Course: Yucatan-Style Smoked Chicken, Cochinita Pibil, Esquites

Third course: Black Angus Beef Brisket, Berkshire Port Spare Ribs, Ejotes, Frijoles Charros

Dessert: Churros

Cocktails: Distrito Diablo and Pineapple Cherry Sidecar

(The prix fixe dinner menu only available from 5-10 p.m.)

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