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Distrito to Hold Smoking (Literally) Cooking Class This Weekend

Staying in town this Memorial Day weekend? You cannot be bored. Not yet. Get up off your lazy butt and do something productive -- like attending a class on outdoor cooking. Let's embrace the season, people!

This Sunday afternoon, May 27, Distrito will bring back its popular "Cook Like an Iron Chef" cooking series, this time focusing on smoking meats.

Chef Michael Fiorello -- the culinary director for Garces Restaurant Group and Chef Jose Garces' right-hand man on Iron Chef America -- will be flying out from Philadelphia to teach participants how to turn their grills into smokers, how to choose the best woods for smoking, how to make a rub that works for all meats (and goes nicely in a cocktail!), and how to smoke meat. He'll also demonstrate how to make smoked beer-can chicken (using Four Peaks Kiltlifter), BBQ baby back ribs (using Tender Belly pork), BBQ brisket (using Harris Ranch Black Angus beef), grilled onions with pipian rojo and cotija and jicama-apple cole slaw.

Fiorello will talk about cooking on the grill, oven-baking then finishing on the grill and smoking on the smoker.

Guests will be treated to a cocktail and a taste of the different dishes Fiorello will be making. They'll also receive a bag of spice mix to take home.

Where: The private dining room at Distrito When: 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 27 How much: $30 per person Tickets:

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