DIY Alcohol-Infused Paletas

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Here are the steps to creating these delicious and healthy (yes, healthy!) paletas:

Watermelon: 1. Combine 5 cups of fresh watermelon, juice from 1/2 a lime, and 5 teaspoons of vodka in a blender. 2. Blend on lowest setting until smooth. 3. Pour into molds, let chill for about 30min, then insert popsicle sticks.

Pineapple: 1.Combine 4 2/3 cups of fresh pineapple, 1/3 cup coconut milk, 5 teaspoons of rum in a blender. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

Easy, right? Now keep in mind that the measurements I used yielded the perfect amount for my particular mold. If you own something different, don't sweat it. Just remember that for every cup of fruit, you should use 1 teaspoon alcohol. Use more than that and you'll end up with soft, slushy ice that breaks easily.

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Laura Armenta