Chow Bella

Does Arizona Really Need a Second Restaurant Week?

Arizona Spring Restaurant Week begins on Saturday, May 19, and ends the following Sunday, May 27, and my response to that supposedly good news is a great big whoop-de-do.

If memory serves, we had another Restaurant Week in September. Do we really need two of these blowout tent sales in a single year?

I don't think so.

Oh, I can already imagine the seething invective headed my way: How can I be so unsupportive of our local restaurants? Don't I know times are tough? And why on Earth would I object to an event that puts butts in seats at a time of year when the butts are typically packing up to leave town? And, really, does a journalist given a dining budget even live in the real world?

To answer the last one first, yeah, I think I do. Sure, I eat on New Times' dime, but it's not keeping me rolling in steaks, lobster, and foie gras (and, please, save your outrage on that subject for another day).

Here's my take:

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Nikki Buchanan