Dogs Get Their Drink On, This Weekend in Downtown Mesa

By Blackburn Photo via Flickr
"Bark, bark" translates to, "may I have another glass of pinot, please?" in canine.

​This Friday, August 13, Downtown Mesa is hosting their annual "Dog Days of Summer" event as part of the Downtown Merchants' Association 2nd Friday series.

All breeds and sizes of canines are welcome throughout the Downtown area as long as they're well-behaved and on leashes. There will be a doggie play area, contests for best dressed and most talented dogs, pet-friendly activities and a free beer and wine tasting -- for your pooch.

Yes, Il Vinaio restaurant (the folks that caused an Internet shitstorm after serving lion meat) will offer free libations made specifically for man's best friend. Because why should you have all the fun getting wasted while your poor dog is as bored and lonesome as a designated driver? Before you get all up in arms about the dangers of doggie drinking, we promise there's nothing harmful in these brews.    

While Bowser Beer is technically made from human-safe ingredients, doggie beer and wine has no alcohol -- so you'll probably want to skip it. Aww, poor Fido. Well at least he'll be sober enough to walk you home after you take advantage of Il Vinaio's extensive real beer and wine list. 

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Wynter Holden
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