Don't Cut In on Karl's Hibernation Pod, in This Week's Guess That Gadget

See if you can guess today's gadget and check back next week for the answer, and to see if you've won a most-awesome prize.

Here are a few shots at this week's trickster, add yours to the comment box below:

- Death-Warmed-Over Warming Tray
- Karl the Kitchen Hedgehog Hibernation Pod
- Bread Bowl Mold

What the heck was this?
Find out last week's answer (and winner!) after the jump.

Answer: Kulu Herb & Vegetable Knife

Congratulations to LGD for correctly guessing last week's gadget -- right down to the friggin' brand name . . . again! Okay, now I'm seriously getting paranoid. Hello? Voices in my head . . . are you commenting on my gadgets? Do you like my gadgets? Do you know where my gadgets come from? Is your name LGD? That's a nice name. What does it stand for . . . LACERATE GOLDEN DRUMSTICK? Agh! What does it mean? Ahhhhhhhh, haaaaaa, haaaa, haaaaa, haaaa, haaa, haa, haa, ha, ha, ha!!! LGD! LGD!

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