Doritos Will Release Taco Bell Flavored Chips in April
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Doritos Will Release Taco Bell Flavored Chips in April

We're not going to say that the staffs of Doritos or Taco Bell imbibe in mind-altering and appetite stimulating chemicals but their latest joint venture seems to provide some circumstantial evidence that this might be the case. Doritos has announced plans to release a Taco Bell flavored chip for a limited time starting in April.

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Apparently the launch of Taco Bell flavored Doritos will coincide with Taco Bell's release of a new Dorito-flavored taco shell, although Taco Bell has yet to confirm a street date just. This time they'll be making taco shells in Doritos second most popular flavor, Cool Ranch.

As the Dayum man says himself, the dry generic taco shell was always the weakest part of the Taco Bell "experience." Swapping out the shell for a Doritos nacho cheese flavored shell was apparently a master move because Taco Bell is reported to have sold hundreds of millions of them since they were released last March. It seems reasonable to speculate that we can expect more collaboration between the two companies in the future so be sure to top off your antacid stash.

So the real question is: Can we expect this to come full circle in a couple years? Should we be on the look out for the Taco Bell Flavored Dorito Taco? A Taco Bell taco featuring a Dorito Taco Bell flavored shell? Try not to think about it too hard, down that path lurks madness.

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