Dos Equis is Coming to Phoenix -- And Teaming Up with One of Our Favorite Food Trucks to Offer Up Free Eats

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So it looks like Dos Equis has jumped on the food truck wagon and we know exactly what you're thinking --mobile beer? -- but there actually isn't going to be any beer served out of the truck (although, that would be pretty awesome). Instead, the new mobile food wagon will be teaming up with existing food trucks across the country to bring "interesting" lunches to selected cities.

And they're on their way to Phoenix.

As part of their "Most Interesting" ad campaign, Dos Equis is bringing their "Most Interesting Mobile Food Academy" to Phoenix for ten days and they're teaming up with Brian Webb of our beloved Hey Joe! Filipino Street Food Truck to supply the eats.

Starting September 12th, the Mobile Academy will post up somewhere in Phoenix with "interesting" items like Crocodile Lumpia (kinda like an egg roll but filled with croc instead of pork), Sisig (grilled Burmese Python chopped with citrus and served over rice), and Siopao (it's a steam bun and it's going to be filled with camel meat. Camel!). All you have to do is follow @dosequis on Twitter to find out where their daily stops will be, show up, and eat food.

Oh and did we mention it's free? Yep. Free.

So jump on Twitter and start following our new favorite frat house beer company and ditch your boring brown bag lunch for something "interesting"!

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