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Doug Robson Dishes On Why Tacos Are Great and What It's Like to Eat Bugs and Worms

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Three years later, he joined Matt Carter, Jared Porter, Jay Bogsinske, Patrick Fegan and Tammie Coe at Michael's at the Citadel, where he stayed for two years before opening La Grande Orange as executive chef. Although he started with three staff members, Robson eventually built a team that would include many of his friends from Michael's. Six years later, he left LGO with the intention of opening his own restaurant. Gallo Blanco debuted in 2009 and has since become a beloved Mexican food fixture, revered for its honesty, simplicity and locally sourced ingredients.

Five words to describe you: Unfiltered, passionately obsessive, stubborn, mischievous.

Five words to describe Gallo Blanco: home away from home, Mexico.

Favorite food smell: Baked breads.

Favorite cookbook and why: CookWise by Shirley Corriher. A mentor of mine introduced me to the book, which helped me look at how I cooked from a scientific standpoint not just by how it looks and tastes.

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