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Doug Robson on Robert McGrath, LGO, and How He Embarrassed Himself in the Kitchen

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What really turns you off when you're dining at a restaurant?: Indifference.

Favorite place to dine in Phoenix and why: St. Francis, Italian Restaurant, Pane Bianco, Tortas El Guero, Lux, The Parlor . . . there are too many. They are all unique offerings in their own way.

National or international chef you admire and why?: Judy Rodgers, Deborah Madison & Alice Waters because of their humble approach and respect for the ingredients. I like their sensibility. They take a sensitive and responsible approach to food, not a gluttonous one. Portions are just right. There's nothing left on the plate to waste.

What's your guilty pleasure?: Are still talking about food or something else?

What most people don't really know/understand about Mexican cooking is: Many people can't make the distinction between New Mexican cuisine & Mexican Cuisine.

Your mom was Vietnamese but you grew up in Mexico. Describe a meal your mom might have made: She would make traditional stirfried dishes composed of chayote, freshly picked mushrooms, squash & squash blossoms, peppers, onions and other stuff -- served with tortillas & salsa. She would also make sopa de fideo with rice noodles, chicken and a tomato broth.

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