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Doug Robson on Robert McGrath, LGO, and How He Embarrassed Himself in the Kitchen

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Dish you'd have on the menu if you thought customers would eat it: Cabrito (goat) tacos. We have the ability to get goat fresh & local. I ran it at Gallo once as a special, and it was very tasty, but it didn't sell. Needles to say, the staff and I had a fabulous meal at the end of the night.

Would you typify the food at Gallo Blanco as traditional Mexican, modern Mexican, or something else?: There is a strong element of tradition in our cooking methods, but as far as ingredients, we explore & leave ourselves open to what is available to us.

Which region or state did you live in and what were some of its specialties?: I lived in Tepotzotlan and its specialties are chlies en nogados, moles and barbacoa.

Describe your favorite Mexican street food: Pancakes are everywhere. You can get them at a roadside stand filled with bananas, cajeta and fruit compote. You roll them up and eat them like a taco.

Name a culinary mentor and explain what you learned from that person: Patrick Fegan [at TK's Urban Tavern]. He has such a great work ethic.

In which kitchen have you had the most fun and why?: Robert McGrath's kitchen. He is a fun chef to work with.

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