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Downtown Mobile Food Court Postponed

We're still scratching our heads from yesterday's announcement that Crave Culinary Festival is being postponed until January 2011.

Today's news: The Mobile Food Court that was supposed to happen every Friday starting October 1 at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market has now been pushed back to November 5, pending permit issues.

The announcement was made September 19 via the Phoenix Street Food Coalition's Twitter, where it also says, "phxstreetfood is only publicizing, the event is being managed independent of the group."

The delay is caused by the current temporary permit and city codes that only allow an open-air market to take place on the property Wednesdays and Saturdays, says Cindy Gentry, who heads Community Food Connections, the non-profit that organizes the market.

The group has a hearing on October 21 for a permanent-use permit, and they will hopefully be able to launch the first Friday in November, Gentry says.

"We decided that until we get squared away with the city, we're not going to open," Gentry says. "We're trying to work with the city to make it something that is more sustainable."

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Kelly Green