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Downtown Phoenix Public Market's Phoestivus Ale Sticker Contest

Beer fanatics, graphic designers, and artists -- this contest is for you. In collaboration with Phoenix Public Market's Phoestivus holiday fundraiser, taking place Wednesdays December 5th and 12th from 4 to 8 p.m., Phoenix Ale Brewery is concocting a special seasonal ale. The limited-time offering, aptly named Phoestivus Ale, will be available throughout the holidays at the open-air market and at the Phoenix Ale Brewery tap room.

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In order for the seasonal ale to be on tap, it needs to have its own tap pull, and that's where you come in. Design a sticker to adorn the tap pull, and if you're the lucky (and talented) winner, you will receive a free growler of Phoestivus Ale. The brewery will also print a limited run of stickers, which can be purchased at the Phoestivus evening market and at the tap room. Contestants have until noon on Thursday, November 15 -- TOMORROW -- to send submissions to [email protected] The winner will be announced by Saturday, November 17.

Ready to get started? Use the .jpg of the dieline found on the contest's Facebook page, and remember to keep your entire design within the inner purple line of the sticker border. It's not necessary to use the Phoenix Ale Brewery logo, but you might earn extra brownie points if you do.

The contest will be judged by Joshua Rose, editor of American Fine Art Magazine; Robert Sentinery, editor of local Java Magazine; and Ken Clark of Get Your PHX (y'know, the guy you need to send your entry tomorrow). The final decision will be made by George Hancock of Phoenix Ale Brewery.

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