Dry-Hair Beauty Secret From Upper Peninsula in Michigan Also Great on Pancakes

Beauty Lab: Cookin' up good looks in nature's pharmacy.

I've since given up on trying to tame the beast living atop my head. Dry, fuzzy, curly, it's been likened to everything from a tumbleweed to dirty cotton candy. I know, hot.

But wait, all hope may not be lost for battlers of brittle skull bushes. Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman, beauty experts and authors of The Beauty Cookbook say they've got the solution, and it comes from my home state of Michigan, albeit the peninsula/militia part.

Tap that sap, Baby.

While Kym was in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, the woodsy women folk told her that tree sap was their secret to soft, shiny hair. And beauty writer, Janice Cox, says, "Maple sap is a colorless watery solution that contains sugar, various acids, and salts. That is why pure maple syrup is a treat for dry, damaged hair. It restores moisture and gives hair extra body and shine."

Well whaddya know, it works.

Slathering a half cup of pure maple syrup on your clean, dry hair may feel as if you're readying yourself for an evening with Gentle Ben, but after leaving on for 20-30 minutes (you may want to wear a shower cap or wrap your hair in Saran Wrap) and then rinsing well with warm water, your dry do will feel softer and reveal it's shinier side.

Oh, and since the bottle's out, fire up that griddle. We're makin' pancakes!

Have you tried this? Want to? Add a comment below.

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