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Dulceria Mayra's y Mas: Small Place Packs a Huge Party

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Let's face it. Parties are a pain in the ass to plan. They're time-consuming, and they require attention to detail, and careful organization, am I right? Unless you're the type of party planner who just puts a bowl of Tostitos and salsa in the middle of the room and calls it a day. If so, more power to you.

But for the rest of us who care about functions (and our party-planning reputations), this life is hard work.

That's why we're thankful Dulceria Mayra's has our back. Mayra Ramirez herself will help you navigate her store. Whether you need piñatas, or balloons, or candies, or even lime juice (hello, how else do you make margaritas if fresh limes aren't on hand?), Mayra's has all of the necessary tools to make your pachanga worthwhile.

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