Dunkin' Donuts' Plan For World Domination Starts This Month at Indian School & 28th Street

In what is clearly a plan for COMPLETE WORLD DOMINATION, Dunkin' Donuts, the international chain of sub-par doughnuts and muffins, horrible breakfast sandwiches, and deliciously sweet coffee I'd eat a box of sub-par doughnuts for, announced this month that it will be doubling the number of its U.S. locations over the next 20 years.

And it isn't the first time Dunkin' Donuts has devilishly shook its iced ass our way. For those that remember, in 2008, Dunkin' made a run at the Valley by announcing the opening of 150 new locations, 18 by the end of that year, in addition to several remodels.

Since then, several have bitten the doughnut dust and have gone out of business. Most notably the large location on Mill Avenue in Tempe. Opening and closing, closing and opening -- sounds a lot like the m.o. from competitor Krispy Kreme, does it not?

Bad business or just a pastry ploy? Read on to find out Dunkin's current plan for world domination.

The doughnut and coffee chain, with nearly 7,000 outlets across the nation, is starting its reign of fried ring terror right here in the Valley (where it has around 45 locations) -- specifically, at Indian School Road and 28th Street in the former home of rival Krispy Kreme, where it should be open for badness business in the next few weeks.

May Homer Simpson help us all.

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