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Durant's Closes Due to Fire

Early this morning, a small kitchen fire broke out at Durant's, the legendary lounge that hosted the likes of Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne in its heyday. The blaze was quickly contained by firefighters, but there was some minor damage to the building's roof and ventilation system. No one was injured in the fire.

Durant's employees say it'll be a few days until the restaurant reopens for business -- possibly Thursday or Friday. In the meantime, they've ordered a new ventilation fan, which should arrive late tomorrow, and have called in roofers to assess the damage. 

"It's a really slow night," remarked one employee when we called to ask about the incident. Well, at least the staff will get a short breather before the holiday rush. But thankfully, it seems we'll be back to sipping cocktails and chomping steaks at Durant's in no time.   

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Wynter Holden
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