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Eat This: Tripolini at Digestif

By Michele Laudig

Lunch at Digestif yesterday was quite a treat -- an orgy of pancetta and Epoisse and homemade pastas. Although the menu is essentially the same format as it's been, there were quite a few new interesting dishes I was curious about.

I ended up with the tripolini, which was cooked to a perfect al dente consistency. Incredibly, it was a gluten-free pasta -- never would've guessed. It was mixed with garbanzo beans and chunks of grilled squash, in a sauce of white anchovies, celery, preserved lemon, and chile. The anchovies didn't dominate the dish, just gave it a really good saltiness. And the garbanzo beans were pretty firm, a nice contrast to the soft squash and noodles.

Next time, I want to try the grilled brioche panini with burrata.

A sidenote: They were playing so much good music that it was almost creepy. And they had King Khan and the Shrines on their listening station.

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Michele Laudig
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