Guilty Pleasures

Eating the Arizona State Fair: Red Velvet Funnel Cake, Gigantic Ribs, Pineapple Lemonade -- and the Hunt for the Cap'n Crunch Hamburger

It's time again for the high holy days of Guilty Pleasures: the Arizona State Fair. Everywhere you look, there's some random foodstuff getting dipped in batter and deep-fried. This year, it seems like the food vendors held back a little bit. Gone were the chocolate-dipped scorpions and mealworm sandwiches that were (figuratively) on everyone's tongues last year. There was only one place selling deep-fried butter. Still, there's all manner of incredibly fattening delicious things to be had. Here's a sampling of what we found at the Fair on opening day:

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Maple Bacon Donut: I know, maple bacon donuts themselves are nothing new, Voodoo Doughnut up in Portland has been selling them for years (and local doughnut shop Rainbow Donuts is in on the action). But where else are you going to get one that's A) hot and fresh, and B) obscenely oversized? Every time I look at the picture, my brain keeps trying to tell me that it's a normal-sized donut and a very tiny fork. That donut had to be at least nine inches, I swear.

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