Wake Up Call

EatWave Vending Machine Promises to Dispense Nuked to Order Food

The EatWave vending machine is designed to bring an end to the tyranny of the office microwave hogs. It's a familiar scene: You rushed out the door this morning and forgot to pack a lunch. Your only hope is the office vending machine with its collection of questionable but rewarmable sandwiches and soups. Unfortunately your office mate has decided today is the perfect day to warm up his 9 course frozen dinner. The process could be described as glacial.

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But with an EatWave vending machine, you wouldn't have to shoot quite as many passive-aggressive looks at your colleague because the vending machine with gently kiss your selection with a gentle blanket of microwave energy. Or it'll nuke your sandwich into a hockey puck, clearly we'll need to see one in action.

We will forgive their punishing name because we are glad to see that America is finally trying to catch up in the vending machine arms race. They might have beer vending machines, but by damnit, at least our hot pocket is going to come out suitably hot.

The EatWave is being pressed into service in San Diego where it offers the promise of allowing you to buy an entire meal out of a single machine. Warm food, cold soda and chips. In a sign of the time it also includes "Advanced VENDCheck(TM) Software" which promises to send a constant stream of telemetry to the machine's owner. The connection works both ways though and owners can remotely change change prices and other settings from the comfort of their secret volcano island lair.

With all that in mind we'll be taking bets on how long it is before one of these machines pops up at DEF CON in Vegas with instructions on how to hack into the remote user options using nothing but a paper clip and a novelty whistle.

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