Eddie Recommends: Getting to Know Each Other

By Eddie Matney

Okay, turns out Chow Bella readers are alright.

I had a dozen or so of you over to Eddie’s House for dinner last week to chat about food, families and fly fishing. I expected to get beaten up a little bit. I expected to defend some of my choices and favorites, but as turns out, we are all on the same team – even if we disagree. Chow Bella readers really want to see the local guy win, and want to please their palates. I couldn’t agree more.

But I did have one interesting revelation.

Some of you were surprised I spent every night in the kitchen. Others were surprised my family spends so much time in the restaurant. And that surprised me.

I guess when you grow up in this business, you take for granted that everyone on earth knows how hard a chef works. I thought everyone knows we get up at dawn to take care of the business side of our restaurants, then stay until long after the dinner rush serving guests. I thought everyone knew that a 16-hour day was the norm for a chef. And that it’s generally a 7-day-a-week job.

But that wasn’t the case. It was nice to hear that our jobs look glamorous, but wow -- most days it’s extraordinarily hard work. I think our Chow Bella family dinner gave us an interesting insight into each other’s world. Thanks for coming. I look forward to doing it again.

Chef Eddie Matney is the owner of Eddie's House in Scottsdale.


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