Wake Up Call

Edible Mist Machine Might Make Indulging in Junk Food Guilt-Free

The days of slowly driving past McDonald's to get a whiff of intoxicating French fry smell are over, friends. Welcome to the future of self-restraint, when all your worst cravings can (maybe, but probably not) be inhaled away like a culinary e-cigarette. Whimsical and weird food inventor Charlie Harry Francis (yes, the same guy who invented both efficacious Viagra and glow-in-the-dark ice creams) has turned his sights to an Edible Mist Machine that boasts over 200 flavors "which you suck up through a straw to get an instant flavour hit," according to his website.

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Wales' Willy Wonka is at it again with mix-and-match or straight-up zero-calorie micro-mist flavors ranging from smoked bacon to chocolate to mango. His company, Lick Me I'm Delicious, is known for playfully creating with ice cream, but this newest invention is in a whole different league.

Here's what it looks like:

Is it weird that we are beginning to have a culinary crush on this dude? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a while to try out this latest creation because, according to Huffington Post, you can only rent the device in the UK or buy one for yourself for a hard-to-justify total of $8,400 (plus shipping). Guess we'll just wait and see what Francis dreams up next and hope that whatever it is actually finds its way stateside.

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