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El Rinconcito Serves Up Exceptional Mexico City Street Food, But It's Not For Everyone

If you're from or familiar with the Sunnyslope area, chances are you've driven by El Rinconcito del D.F. a million times, but have never stopped.

Not as well known as its neighbor, Oaxaca Restaurant, which resides in the Let It Roll Bowl bowling alley, El Rinconcito has been content with quietly serving up an exceptional selection of Mexico City street food to area locals for ten years. From signature huaraches, to gigantic quesadillas, to the pretty, paperweight-like gelatin domes filled with fondant flowers called gelatina de flores.

But know this: El Rinconcito is not for everyone.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"Its ideal customer is one who can accept a single row of fluorescent tube lighting and a few plants as acceptable dining décor in which to wolf down a huarache nearly hanging off its plate, piled with enough flavorful meat that its foundation of masa barely can be seen. Someone who isn't concerned that the sweat on her brow is the result of an unusually warm room full of diners packed together at family-style tables as much as it is from the slow burn of green salsa atop a street taco spilling over with moist and fatty bits of carne asada. And someone who doesn't mind that, on the weekends, if she's eating a chunky piece of succulent lamb from a fragrant bowl of consome, shimmering with oil, there's a good chance she'll see another one of its kind being rendered on a wood block several feet away."

Hungry for more El Rinconcito? Read my full review here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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