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Enter to Win a Free Paleta with "Betty Travels" Promo at Paletas Betty

If you've been to Paletas Betty -- the gourmet Mexican popsicle shop in Chandler and now Tempe -- you know that your ice pop comes with a sticker. Next time you're there enjoying a frozen delight on a stick, don't just take your sticker, walk over and slap it on the wall with the others. Hang on to that sticker, 'cause Paletas Betty has a clever little promomotion with a chance to win a free paleta.

How to enter to get your free paleta, after the jump.

Go to Paletas Betty's website and click on "Betty's Travels." You will see a slideshow of these stickers from all over the world - like, Rockafeller Center, Hong Kong and Belize. You could win a free paleta and be on that slideshow too if you "email [email protected] photos of the Paletas Betty sticker at interesting or faraway places. If chosen, you will receive a free paleta and have your photo featured on this website."

Don't worry, there's a picture on taken in Chandler, Arizona. So, you don't necessarily have to pay for a plane ticket to Australia in order to try to get a free paleta. Phew.

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