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Estate House Summer Deals and Fancy Fruit Salad in Today's Eater's Digest

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End of Summer Estate House Deals
Now's the time to stop by upscale Scottsdale restaurant Estate House to take advantage of their sweet summer time deals. Treat yourself to a midweek libation minus the guilty wallet. Every Tuesday and Wednesday enjoy a bottle of wine from Estate House's select 50 bottle list for 50% off the list price. A surefire way to get through that mid-week hump.

If that's not enough to sway you to pay Estate House a visit, how about a free $25 gift certificate? When you purchase any two entrees from the regular menu, Estate House will take $25 off you bill. Valid until August 31st 2010. See website for rules & conditions. Click here to get yours.

And don't forget, every Tuesday at Estate House, you can make a difference with your dinner. Give Back Tuesday is an on going night to help the Make-A-Wish foundation make children's dreams come true by donating 10% of your bill to the cause. Call 480-970-4099 to make your reservations.

Fruit Salad Fun
It's about time someone gave the poor fruit salad a makeover. Normally condemned to rot in a mediocre glass bowl, the fruit salad has finally been given the respectable and stylish home it deserves. Little balls of fruit salad sit proudly inside an ice cream cone, eagerly awaiting a barrage of compliments. Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cones, almost too pretty to eat!

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