Everyone Knows About This 24-Hour Doughnut Shop in Tempe, Right?

Doughnuts sold during regular hours are community doughnuts. (Kids, step right up.) Doughnuts sold in the off-hours are strictly adult-only eats. (Drunk girl, third-shift guy, creature of the night, step right up.) This post is dedicated to the latter.

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Arizona Donut Co. is a three-month-old 24-hour doughnut shop located at 1030 West Broadway Road (Broadway and Hardy Drive) in Tempe. Who's behind the fried fritters? How 'bout one of the owners/bakers of BoSa Donuts. Nice, right?

Here's what late-night doughnut fans can expect:

Arizona Donut Co. offers more than 40 varieties of traditional doughnuts (think buttermilk, Boston Cream, cinnamon crumb, toasted coconut, and white chocolate), large-sized doughnuts (bear claws!), and coffee and breakfast sandwiches 'round the clock. Guests can opt to dine-in or pick up their eats drive-thru style.

Hungry for a late-night fried ring of sugary goodness? Stop in. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Here's the menu:

Arizona Donut Co. 1030 West Broadway Road, Tempe 480-968-1321 www.azdonutco.com

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