Last Call

Exploring the Rainbow of Fruit Liqueurs

I had fun writing about triple sec last week. It was one of those articles that almost asked more questions to me than it answered. After all, triple sec is but one liqueur of literally hundreds out there. Why should triple sec have all the fun? Let's take a look at some other fruit liqueurs you have probably encountered, and what to do with them.

Fruit liqueurs are made one of two ways. The optimal method is to let fruits steep in alcohol and sugar, then strain out the solids. This gives a pure, intense flavor. But, they're more expensive than their manufactured counterparts (more on those in a moment), and tend to go downhill after they've been open for about six months. The other way to make them is to start with a neutral spirit base, and add flavorings and colorings to suit. These are very reasonably priced and have an indefinite shelf life, but tend to taste more like fruit candy than actual fruit.

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