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Fab New Blog: One For Dinner

Breaking up is hard to do. Even harder might be cooking for yourself when so many recipes are meant to be shared.

Local food fanatic Joel LaTondress -- you might recognize his Chowhound/Facebook moniker, azhotdish -- feels your pain. 

He turned a defunct romance into a smart concept for a home cooking blog, which he's just launched with excellent, drool-worthy photos (see above) and recipes he's tweaked so you can eat well without all the leftovers. It's called, and it's a great read. 

In his post about flat iron steak, he gives detailed, insightful instructions on cooking while also chatting about sourcing the meat, cooking with a good skillet, and pairing it with a reasonably priced wine that would cost you big bucks at a steakhouse.

Looking forward to more!

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Michele Laudig
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