Fairytale Brownies in Bite-Sized Morsels -- a Dream Come True

We know there are those of you out there who strongly believe that pie is the next big thing, and we see the signs, sure, but we're also betting on the brownie.

On a recent trip to ABC Baking in Phoenix, we couldn't help but notice the prominent display of brownie-making and decorating supplies, and did you know Wilton has its own Brownie Fun! book?

Hmmmm. And what about that brownie-cutting pan on late night TV? 

Locally we're still seeing a lot of love for the cupcake, but we forgot all about Sprinkles earlier this week, when a big box of Fairytale Brownies landed at New Times.

Now, this is a band of bakers with some history. The company started in the Valley in 1992, using a 50-year-old recipe someone's grandma graciously offered up (or perhaps not -- we don't know that part of the story) and Fairytale Brownies has been around ever since. You can find the brownies in some specialty shops, or order them online.

We groaned when we saw that box. So much for New Year's resolutions. But the FB folks (hmm, that could get confusing) graciously accomodated us with a box of individually wrapped, bite-sized morsels -- just 100 calories for an "original" brownie, rather than double that for one of their traditional-sized treats.

And they taste just as good as we remember. Perhaps a trend is reborn.

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