Farewell Asia de Cuba, Hello Italian Joint

Back in August, I got

word from a reliable source


Asia de Cuba

, the three-year-old 

Mondrian Scottsdale

outpost of restaurateur

Jeffrey Chodorow's

upscale fusion hotspot, would soon become an Italian restaurant. It was an interesting twist for the hotel, since the restaurant space used to house Italian eatery


back when it was still the

James Hotel


Nothing came of it, as management would not confirm or deny the insider information. But they were certainly taken off-guard by my inquiry, pressing me to reveal my source -- which this secret agent wouldn't do.

But that wasn't the end of the story.

Now it's back on the radar, and employees have confirmed that today and tomorrow are Asia de Cuba's final days. Restaurant management, however, has not returned calls to New Times.

A new Italian restaurant -- whose official name still isn't available -- is supposedly opening on Monday, February 1.

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