Favorite Greater Phoenix Restaurants for Five Kinds of Dads on Father's Day

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3.) The Man-of-Good-Tastes Dad Sure, he likes the finer things in life, but he still keeps it real when it comes to his family. Stern yet compassionate, he hasn't let success spoil him. And he knows a good thing when he sees it, or, in this case, tastes it. Luxury? That's his middle name.

Take him to: - Binkley's, Cave Creek - Christophers & Crush Lounge, East Phoenix - FnB, Scottsdale - Posh, Scottsdale - ShinBay, Scottsdale

4.) The Adventurous Dad He's on the go, loves to try new things, and is a bit of an intellectual when it comes to nurturing his family. Sometimes he lives in his head and can seem a bit standoff-ish, but you know when you need him most, he'll be there. Pique-ing his curiosity is essential, especially when it comes to food.

Take him to: - Curry Corner, Tempe - Cafe Ga Hyang, Glendale - Hana Japanese Eatery, Central Phoenix - The Mission, Scottsdale - Villa Peru, Tempe

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Laura Hahnefeld
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