FDA to AeroShot: Prove Breathable Food Is Disgestible

The item demonstrated above is the AeroShot breathable caffeine device. Housed within a space-age shotgun shell, the AeroShot webpage claims that it packs 100mg of caffeine and B vitamins. It further promises to provide, "All of the energy. None of the other stuff." By other stuff we presume they mean "things actually resembling food."

Apparently, we are not the only ones who are apprehensive at the knowledge that our brave new future includes sucking our morning cup of joe straight into our lungs. The FDA recently sent the makers of AeroShot, aptly named Breathable Foods, a warning letter raising safety and labeling concerns about the product.

You would imagine that an inhaled food product would be destined for your lungs. Not so, says Breathable Foods: "The powder in AeroShot reaches your mouth where it is swallowed and ingested." But this is the core of the FDA safety complaint FDA letter. Specifically, the FDA would like Breathable Food to provide proof that their product is large enough to avoid finding its way into our lungs after we huff it into our mouths.

Breathable food products are the brain child of Harvard biomedical engineering professor, David Edwards. In addition to breathable caffeine he has also created Le Whif a calorie free chocolate delivery system. He has also introduced several breathable vitamin teas. Although it is difficult to imagine how atomized tea is still tea.

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