Szechuan sauce is coming back!
Szechuan sauce is coming back!

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Will Be Back February 26

Last October, the country went crazy when McDonald's released its famous Szechuan Sauce — but in a very limited way. People demanded the sauce. They needed it like Rick needs Morty, although will never admit it.

The crazy demands and tweets lead to an announcement from McDonald's that more sauce will be on the way in the winter, and that day is nearly upon us.

Monday, February 26, there will be 20 million packets of that sweet, savory Szechuan Sauce. 20 MILLION PACKETS. They will be available all across the U.S. with a qualifying purchase. (What, did you think they were just going to throw the sauce to customers like Trump threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans? WRONG.)

But it's not just the sauce that's coming. There is also a three-episode podcast about the delicious dipping sauce that can be heard wherever podcasts are available. It's naturally called The Sauce, and it gets to the bottom of what happened in October, and the steps taken to make millions of people's dreams come true, including all fans of Rick and Morty.

Here's what happened at one of the McDonald's locations in Tempe in October, three hours before they started to give the sauce out. 

You can bet you'll see similar lines on Monday, but at least this time there will be more chances to grab that sauce.

For more information head to the official site for the sauce.

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