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Fernet Branca -- The "It" Liqueur For Bartenders and Cocktail Nerds

If you're a devout cocktail devotee, you've surely heard of Fernet Branca, the in-your-face Italian liqueur that makes its cousin Campari look like a cherry lollipop by comparison. There's bitter, and then there's Big Boy bitter.

That's Fernet Branca, an acquired taste that aficionados like to say you'll have to drink seven times to fully appreciate. My question is: do I really WANT to like something so much that I have to endure six unhappy experiences to arrive at an allegedly blissful seventh? This makes me a rube, I'm certain.

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But since Fernet Branca is on everyone's lips these days (both literally and figuratively), maybe it's time to learn more about it. What exactly is Fernet Branca and how should we drink it? You're about to find out.

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Nikki Buchanan