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Fifteen Super Gross Foods You Could Be Eating Right Now and Movie Night At Urban Beans

Whoa. Maggot filled cans of mushrooms? Paint chemical filled salad dressings? Bread filled with human hair and duck feathers?

I wish it was possible to un-read a list. Especially the one that I happened to stumble upon over the weekend. It listed fifteen of the grossest foods around and there's a good chance you could be eating one or two of the things that made the list right now.

If you think Brussels sprouts, chicken livers, and tripe are gross then you may not want to know that you're precious jelly beans are laced with food dyes that have been linked to ADHD and behavioral problems in kids or that a good majority of the wheat bread you are eating contains L-cysteine -- a non-essential amino acid made from dissolved human hair or duck feathers. GROSS!

Click here (if you dare) to check out all fifteen shockingly disgusting foods but finish your breakfast first. This list is an appetite killer (just wait till you get to the part about beaver anal glands)!

If you're looking for something to occupy your time on a typically uneventful Monday night, Urban Beans (you won't find a canned mushrooms or human hair bread here) on 7th Street will be hosting their very first Movie and A Dog night with Short Leash Hot Dogs tonight on their patio.

Grab a beer, a gourmet hot dog, and a seat then kick back and watch the Star Wars on the big screen. The movie will start around 6 p.m. Be sure to get their early to snag a good seat!

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