Fight the Freshman 15 with Fast Food

We're pretty familiar with college turnover (mmm, turnovers, move that to the "no" list). Every August ushers in a gaggle of wide-eyed freshmen just past jail bait, eager to flash their adolescent frames all over campus. (The ASU student body is anything but modest.) Slowly you notice the svelte student body start to layer until they're departing for winter break in bulky sweaters--to hide rapidly rising muffin tops.

The dreaded Freshman 15.

Don't worry though. We're not your mom and you don't need to abstain from the hallowed collegiate traditions of late night pizza runs and keg stands. Just don't go hog wild or you'll regret your time at the trough. (Face it, those resident hall cafeterias usher you through like livestock.) But when you barely have two bucks to rub together, eating right can be a challenge and it's all too easy to rely on deep fried dollar menus.

Stick to our quick tips for dining on the go and maybe you can whittle down that Frosh 15 to a more manageable Freshman 5.

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