Find A Date By Pairing Up Your Leftovers Online To Create A Match-Making Meal

​Taking your date out to dinner is pretty common territory for the singles scene. Lantmannen, a farmer's co-op in Sweden, has cleverly come up with an idea to match up available individuals based upon their kitchen leftovers. Doesn't sound quite as romantic as you might want it to be, right? Don't knock it, it's actually pretty smart.

How the whole food and people pairing works, after the jump.

The whole idea stemmed from the stat that every fifth bag of food is thrown away in Sweden. Solving the food waste problem, they stumbled upon this innovative way to get people to meet and date over food.

Members are urged to create a meal with another individual based upon what they already have. The whole process starts by visiting the site and submitting up to five ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Your info is then posted on Facebook for other singles to peruse.

Read personal ads like: "Large baguette looking for sticky chicken. Meal for two?" Or -- "Leftover meatball looking for lonely potato. Want to have dinner with me?"

If you're already smitten with food, this is such a thrifty and earth friendly to get together and see if there is a spark. We have to admit, it's a pretty cute idea.

Would you use a site like this to meet people?

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